1 Month

I can't believe my baby boy is a month old already. It has gone so fast! We are still trying to figure each other out. He teases me by sleeping 6 hours during the night a couple days then goes back to 3 hours if I am lucky. He still sleeps a lot during the day, which can possibly be the reason for the weird nights. He seems to not be too happy of a baby so I am hoping that changes as well. He is crying unless he is being held or fed or is sleeping. Not used to that, my other 2 were very happy and content just laying on the floor or chilling in the swing or bouncer chair. He does okay in those but not as well. Like I said...we are still figuring it all out. We are all so glad he is here. It is still weird for me to think I am not going back to work. That will be my biggest adjustment I think. I need to come up with some things for Tyler to do so he isn't watching TV or playing the Wii all day. Of course Winter is coming so the runs to the park will not be an option anymore. I better get some in before it is too late. He will be starting pre-school next Wednesday so that will be good and get him (and me) out of the house. As far as Brandon...he started 4th grade on the 21st of August. He likes it so far. He (and me) are still working on getting back into the swing of things. He is also playing Fall ball so we are out late on Tues and Thurs, which is making it a little bit harder. Plus, it starts at 6:00 so it is a little complicated to get everything done in between him getting home and leaving for baseball. It is all good though. We are slowly figuring it all out. Slowly...



For those of you who don't know (since FB is so much easier to update) We welcomed our new little boy on the 31st of July. Once again I was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes. I was required to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the AM hours. Holy cow that was early! I went alone cause we had to wait for the daycare to open up so Andy could take the boys. We figured nothing too exciting would happen in the hour in which we had to wait...we were right. I got hooked up to the Pitosin at 7:45 and we let the fun begin. For those who have never experienced the lovey drug...don't ever! It sucks! The nurse came in about 2.5 hours later and I hadn't dilated at all. The DR came in to break my water and the baby was too high so he couldn't...so we continued to wait. Around 11:30ish they were finally able to break my water but I wasn't dilated any more. WELL...that didn't take long. Once they break my water things always go quickly and painfully :) Around 3:30 they checked and I was at a 10 but baby was still too high so we waited about 1.5 hours for him to decided to "give up" and drop down so he could come into this world. At 5:00 we started pushing and he was born at 5:34 PM. We didn't have a name picked out (as usual) so that took more time then having him. We had talked about Payton but hadn't really decided on anything. In the meantime I had come up with a list of names that of course Andy didn't like any of. So back to the baby book we went. After a long afternoon of looking Andy came up with 2 names. One of which I was not a fan and the other is the one we went with...DYLAN ANDREW HADLOCK Came into this world weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and was a towering 20.5 inches. All is well with us as we try to adjust to 3 instead of 2. Okay as I try to adjust :) However it has only been a week so I have to give myself some time. This picture was taken the night before I went in. I figured I should take one since I hadn't taken even one the whole pregnancy. Here he is in all his glory! This is one of my favorite shirts! It says 50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Adorable! How true it is! We all love him!


Lots of info...

So it has been FOREVER since I have written anything on here. So busy...sorry! Of course I am about to get lots busier...we are having a baby tomorrow! Holy Cow! I never thought it would come so fast, but here he comes! I have delayed all the preps for him, not sure why, mainly just extra busy with work and baseball and whatnot going on. So this weekend has been filled with A LOT of shopping and digging through boxes to make sure we have at least some of the essentials to get us through the first few days. I guess if we don't have it we don't need it at this point :) About 10 days ago, Tyler had a small siezure while at daycare. He basically became unresponsive and went pale in his face and his lips turned blue. By the time I got to him about 13-15 min in he was better but a little aggitated and twitchy. I took him to the local instacare where they couldn't even get him to hold still long enough to get his vitals. They recommended we take him to Primary's so off we went. By the time we got there he was back to the normal little Tyler we know and love. They ran some tests while we were there and found everything to be normal. They ordered an appointment with a neurologist which was scheduled for today. Off we went! They did some preliminary evaluations and said he looked fine. They asked if we wanted to move forward with an EEG, I chose to just to ease mine and Andy's mind. Well, that brought back some sparks in the back right of his brain. The dr believes that is where the siezure came from. He offered twice a day medication which we will hold off on until he has another one...not feeling that is necesary at this point. They ordered an MRI to see how big of an issue the "sparks" are. That will be done in the next 2-3 weeks. As for now we will just watch and wait. Brandon on the other hand is doing just great! He has been enjoying his summer. He played baseball and loved it. Fall ball starts in a couple weeks and he is way excited to start it up again. Also, he is looking forward to 4th grade starting on the 22nd of August. He has been doing scouts since Feb and is doing really good at it. I haven't really been able to be involved cause of work but he is loving it as well. We have a great neighbor that has been helping me out tons with it all. We don't know what we would do without her. Last but not least, because we are having our 3rd boy tomorrow, I am now officially a stay at home mom. I am both excited and nervous about the whole thing. I am having my doubts in myself and the ability to do it. I sometimes don't have the paitence I would like to have with the boys and now I am adding another one to the mix. I know it is just a matter of adjusting to the changes and we will be fine...I just hope we all survive :) Another thing that makes me nervous is the fact that I have been the holder of the health insurance and with Ty's new developments we need to figure it all out. I just hope another insurance will cover it cause it was diagnosed before we applied. I don't know if this would fall under that category or not. I guess we will see.


Brandon had his school chior concert tonight. He did really good. They sang 2 songs. He loves singing, I am glad his school has a chior he can be in. Way to go buddy! I couldn't get the video to upload...if I ever get it figured out you will see it here.


Springtime Activities....

So April is halfway over and we have been very busy. First we have Easter. I had to work on Saturday so I had to miss the Hadlock family party. However, Andy was able to attend something for the first time in a long time and that made him happy. I sent him with the camera and he did a pretty good job. I on the other hand didn't do so well at my mom's party later that same day so there are not any pictures from her house. I had to help Tyler find his eggs and didn't have my camera handy. My dad's sister Pat joined us for the first time in a lot of years...I mean A LOT of years. Pretty crazy to see her there. Should have taken a picture of that at least so I could remember that she was there.

Tyler getting his hunt on at Grandma Hadlock's house

Brandon checking his "loot" with his cousins Adam and Tommy

Heck....the Easter Bunny even found us!
Next exciting thing we have going on is Brandon is playing baseball. I am not sure who is more excited, me or him. I am pretty sure he is more excited, but I am for sure proud! I have always been an emotional person but seeing him doing something he loves to do makes me cry for some stupid reason. I just can't stop it from coming. Just in case you need something to laugh at here is the story....

Brandon was playing left field, and he had one ball hit to him. He grabbed it and and threw it into second base just like he was supposed to. It made me so proud to see him play. I am sure I would have been proud even if he totally missed it. Just to see him having fun and loving it is enough for me.

Here he is at bat. It is (what he likes to call) real baseball. The kids pitch the ball. He did pretty well at his 2 at bats during the game. The first one he got hit by a pitch so he got to walk. The second one he struck out but did so swinging. I can hardly wait to see how the team and him improve throughout the season. The coach is excited about the year and so am I. Tyler is a little disappointed he isn't able to go on the field and play too. I hope I can keep him off :)

Baseball in Tooele is pretty big. They have an opening ceremony and everything. They have all the teams from T-Ball all the way up to 15 year old teams on the field and they sing the National Anthem and throw out a "first pitch" to start the season. Bumble the bee from the Salt Lake Bees was even there, that made all the kids happy. He took the time to take pictures with whoever wanted to.


Baby Update Again..

So I am about a week late with this but at least I am getting there, right? On the 19th of this month my mom and sisters joined me for the ultrasound of our little one. I was surprised that Andy suggested it at first but in the end I am sure my family was more excited about it then even I was. Of course I don't think they left as excited...we are having another boy. Everyone...and I a mean EVERYONE was trying to will him into a girl instead. I on the other hand was just a little nervous that things wouldn't look good. I am very small for being 20 weeks and I haven't gained any weight yet, which is very odd for me. I was glad to see that he is growing and is right on track. I am sure they were happy he is healthy as well, but I am also sure they were a little disappointed when the tech said boy. I get another Ultrasound on the 16th so it will be confirmed one way or the other. I hope we can get some 3D pictures next time. We tried this time but the little bugger was just like his brothers and buried in my back and didn't want to smile for the camera.
I waited to tell Andy until Brandon came home from school. I showed Brandon the photos and he got a disappointed look on his face and said, "Another one?" "I really wanted a girl this time." I kinda felt bad for him, but he quickly got over it went and grabbed the baby name book and started coming up with name ideas. Little does he know that his father is very difficult when it comes to names and this little one will be lucky to have even some ideas before he even gets here. We do know one thing...his middle name is Andrew. That is one step!

I thought this picture was pretty cool. A little side profile of the little guy.

He has got some big ole feet!


Let the games begin...well almost

So Brandon has been waiting a whole year for baseball season to roll around, so when he saw the banner out on the street stating that registration was a few weeks back he could hardly contain his excitement. So we signed him up and they informed us that there would be tryouts to be held coming up in a couple weeks. Well, we had snow on both of the days that they had originally been scheduled for so the make up was tonight. He was so excited! The moment he has been waiting for is finally here! We pull up and it literally looked like the scene from any baseball movie where there are people all over the field throwing the ball back and forth with people with clipboards watching their every move! Did I mention these kids are only 8! I was nervous for him! I knew it wasn't a real tryout so I wasn't too nervous but holy cow! You could tell he has switched from excited to nervous as well. That changed when a kid came up to him and asked if he wanted to play catch. Then he was just a kid who wanted to play baseball. His number was 28 (David Justice's number when he was a Yankee...not that I am proud to say he was a Yankee) they lined all the kids up in numerical order and one at a time they were given the chance to pitch, field a ground ball, and hit. He did okay...not the best but not the worst either. He just loves the game and wants to play, and that is all that matters to me. Now he just has to wait to see what team he ends up on and then he will be ready to go. The games start in a month so pretty soon we should find out.